Matlab API

The example described below is implemented in the example Matlab script script_GenericSyntax.m located in directory keopslab/examples.

The Matlab bindings provide a function keops_kernel which can be used to define the corresponding convolution operations. Following the previous example, one may write

f = keops_kernel('Square(p-a)*Exp(x+y)','p=Pm(1)','a=Vj(1)','x=Vi(3)','y=Vj(3)');

which defines a Matlab function handler f which can be used to perform a sum reduction for this formula:

c = f(p,a,x,y);

where p, a, x, y must be arrays with compatible dimensions as previously explained. A gradient function keops_grad is also provided. For example, to get the gradient with respect to y of the previously defined function f, one needs to write:

Gfy = keops_grad(f, 'y');

which returns a new function that can be used as follows :

Gfy(p, a, x, y, e)

where e is the input gradient array (here of type Vi(3)).